Chasin Vegas

Chasin Vegas was formed in November 2013. They are an anthemic, British rock inhibiting four-piece, they are the guitar yielding, music circuit revivers the town and maybe even the country have been waiting for.

Chasin Vegas are about to prevail in injecting a much needed dose of British Rock back into the veins of East Anglia’s current cover-band infested music circuit, and succeed in helping true, patriotic guitar music get back on its feet.

Since releasing our debut single, ‘Times Are Hard’, and more recently its follow-up, ‘Feel It’, we have been featured on Australian TV/Music show, ‘1700’ and hailed as a ‘band to watch’ by BritPop legend, Rick Witter, who, during his time with Shed Seven, racked up 14 consecutive top 40 hits, and recently made us his ‘band of the week’, on his Minster FM radio show.

He very kindly expressed his love for our sound and appreciated its reminiscence to the rise of BritPop in the 90’s.

The band are currently working on new material to feature on their debut album due for release 2016.